XPOWER’s products are engineered for water damage restoration, janitorial /sanitation industry professionals and consumers, with a full range of centrifugal, axial, and confined space fans.

XPOWER 3 and 4 stage Air Scrubbers purify the air while capturing toxic contaminants and compounds in industrial, healthcare, and grooming environments.

XPOWER offers 3 types of blowers: cold-air rooftop centrifugal blowers,  high-static blowers that supply a continuous stream of air to decorative inflatables, and sky dancer inflatable blowers.

XPOWER has created 3 types of pet dryers for both groomers and consumers: force dryers, stand dryers and cage dryers. They are significantly quieter and constructed from durable ABS.

XPOWER’s versatile line of precision engineered Air Pumps features a wide selection of models utilizing both AC and DC power sources to meet all all your inflatable needs.

XPOWER’s Commercial Dehumidifier maximizes water extraction with efficiency, ruggedness and portability. Ideal  for water damage restoration jobs and industrial applications.

XPOWER introduces the revolutionary dual-purpose Scented Air Mover for jan/san professionals and consumers. A variety of scents and ionizer option available.

Innovation and enforcing stringent quality control standards have brought XPOWER to the forefront of market-driven air movement product design.