Pet Grooming


The Pet Grooming business has not always been a walk in the park. Groomers were limited by the technology and knowledge of the times, leading to poor working conditions and associated health issues. Despite new inventions and growth in this industry, XPOWER believes that groomers deserve better—we believe that through unique design, simple maintenance, and the development of a solution-based line of products, we can make every groomer’s life easier. XPOWER invites you to join our quest to transform the grooming world; let us provide you with the tools to help you improve your business, improve health, and work smarter.


The Elite Series offers immense versatility with both variable speed and heat controls, enabling you to handle any breed with ease.


The Elite Series provides an accurate reading of the power increment and temperature to give you the safest and most precise drying experience.


With XPOWER’s revolutionary brushless technology, the Elite Series is the only Force Dryer design in the market that does not produce harmful carbon dust byproducts.


With no carbon brushes, the Elite Series forgoes annual brush maintenance and lasts 6 times longer than conventional force dryers.

Pro Finisher Series:

  • High Airflow
  • At 300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), the Pro Finisher Series produces the highest airflow in the market, allowing you to dry even faster.

  • Variable Heat Control
  • The wide range of temperature adjustment allows for a show quality finish on difficult coat types.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Utilizing ABS material, the Pro Finisher Series is extremely lightweight without sacrificing durability. Foldable legs and simple assembly allows for easy transport to shows and competitions.

  • Maintenance Free
  • The Pro Finisher Series is designed with XPOWER brushless technology, which means no more headaches with brush changes.

Clean Air Matters!

XPOWER strongly believes that a healthy work environment is essential to the growth of pet businesses, and the most crucial factor is the air we breathe. We provide pet professionals with not only a full line of high performance pet dryers, but also a complete system to help revitalize the environment.

XPOWER’s Air Care Series include air purification systems, scented air movers, and specialty fans designed to maintain a quality workspace by cleaning, dehumidifying, scenting and cooling the air; it is the essential air quality solution that will help you reach an even higher standard. XPOWER is the only manufacturer that invests in your future!


XPOWER provides all pet lovers with the power to maintain the health of their loved ones. Although air drying is a convenient and affordable option, it is not ideal as it can lead to issues like fungus growth, ear infection, or skin issues. The Home-Use Series allows for touch-up drying in between grooming visits to keep your pets in great condition.