Inflatable Advertising

For inflatable advertising professionals, XPOWER offers a wide array of high static pressure and high CFM machines for every type of job from “Sewn-In”, 1/8 H.P. to “Super- Size”, 2 H.P. Blowers. Professionals choose XPOWER’s inflatable products because the equipment offered exceeds the advertising industry’s performance, reliability, and durability standards, while being the quietest, lightest, and most power-stingy, inflatable blowers available.

Reliable and Portable

Virtually maintenance-free motors offer long operational life, and a unique motor design provides much quieter noise levels while using much less electricity. Made with durable/lightweight polypropylene plastic and using the injection molding process, XPOWER inflatable blowers are both lightweight and compact. Easy to carry and less bulky means greater placement versatility.

The Most Innovative Design:

The BR Series of motor design includes a nozzle with raised flange for ease of inflatable attachment. Our high CFM 800 Series units come with the optional use Polypropylene Plastic Inflatable Kit which securely screws-on the 800I and 830I unit and offers a ¼ inch raised outer lip with a 2 inch wide attached, Velcro strip to ensure a snug, worry-free marriage of advertisement and blower.

The Highest Worldwide Safety Certification:

To ensure the widest worldwide application, the inflatable blowers we carry, has been awarded the most extensive ETL and UL safety certification for both indoor and outdoor advertising use.