DIY Products that Help Save Cash

XPOWER manufactures a wide variety of products for not only professional use, but for also for home users. Whether you have a carpet or a pet that need drying,  or an inflatable that needs air, we have an XPOWER DIY product ready to do the job.

XPOWER’s consumer products are perform well with virtually every home improvement project, providing a homeowner with the ability to perform a countless number of drying tasks that no longer require a pet groomer, carpet cleaner or water restoration professional.

XPOWER Air Movers can be used for home flooding emergencies, room ventilation, drying paint or carpet. An XPOWER Inflatable Blower can make your child’s next party even more fun while inflating holiday decorations, bouncy houses and large balloons with ease.  XPOWER’s durable, powerful Pet Dryers are lightweight and easily maneuverable for the most challenging pet drying session (with some models able to do double-duty in vacuuming pet hair after grooming).