XPOWER prides itself on not only its innovation and attention to product design detail, but in its human capital. Forward-thinking management, innovative engineers and a progressive marketing team have made XPOWER a global leader in air movement technology.  Additionally, XPOWER has expanded its reach to include a full line of pet grooming products, inflatable blowers, air scrubbers and air pumps. Together with its commerce  partners, XPOWER has formed not just business relationships, but true long-term friendships.

Our Mission & History

XPOWER aims to be the cutting-edge innovator of precision manufactured air movers, inflatable blowers, air purification systems, pet grooming equipment and air pumps for industry and end users.

Having had its start with distributors and retailers, XPOWER has broadened its scope to include a vast network of end users and entrepreneurs that have welcomed its product line with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Our goal

XPOWER’s goal is to flourish and expand through next generation engineering challenges, while continuing to serve our global partners with dignity, grace and honesty.

XPOWER encourages members of its global network to join its spirit of innovation in continuing to introduce innovative products into the air movement market.