Restoration Industry

XPOWER heralds a new generation of state-of-the-art air movers, axial fans and confined space fans for drying applications in the Water Damage and Restoration Industry. In addition to being at the top of the performance chart in all categories, our air movers represent a cutting edge design and use materials far exceeding industry standards in reliability and durability. Compact and lightweight designs result by using more rugged plastics – both ABS and polypropylene versus polyurethane – and costlier, more precise injection molding versus rotomolding manufacturing technology.

Water Damage Restoration Industry Choice

Along with room drying, XPOWER’s water damage restoration equipment is for drying small spaces, corridors, vertical or 360 degree expanses. Incorporating either 3 speed or variable speed control solutions, continuous or up to a 3 hour timer control operation,  and a “Daisy Chain” feature that allows multiple unit connections on the same electrical circuit, XPOWER equipment is also stackable, easily transportable and quiet. Each air mover, axial fan and air scrubber also comes with an  ETL/CETL safety certification.

Whether you’re aiming for a fast finishing time or maximum billing, XPOWER offers the best air drying, dehumidifying and air purifying solutions for the Water Damage and  Restoration Industry.