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The XPOWER Mission:

Specializing in leading edge design and precision manufacturing of air movement technologies,
while supplying innovative real world solutions to the professional and consumer market.

Integrated Design

Integrated Design

All products are precision engineered and manufactured using XPOWER designed and fabricated injection molding and electric motors.

Global Partnership

Global Partnership

Sustainable large-scale manufacturing capacity that can meet global product demand, from single pallet to multiple containers.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Product development strategy focused on lightweight, quiet, and rugged products that do not sacrifice power, utility or durability.


Consistently on the leading edge of market-driven air moving technology.

Comprehensive support and repair facility, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely turnaround.

Highest quality and safety standards incorporated into lightweight, durable and efficient product design.

Fully integrated design assembly, from injection molding to electric motor.

Over 2 decades experience manufacturing state-of-the-art products for commercial and consumer use.

Welcomes global partnerships to drive innovation and successful business relationships.

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The Versatile Air Mover

Most don’t realize just how versatile a piece of equipment the air mover is. It combines focused air movement and lower power draw, making it the perfect tool to use when one requires a precise stream of air that can be turned on and off instantly. Let’s explore the many ways you can use this workhorse of home, business and industry.

Drying Carpets & Hard Floors

Air movers have been a mainstay in the carpet cleaning industry for years. Their ability to aim air across a large horizontal surface creates quicker dry times, enabling carpet cleaning professionals to get through scheduled jobs with greater efficiency. Many air movers are daisy chainable, a feature that allows several to be wired together for even a quicker turnaround time.

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